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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) About Pension Service

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We do our best to provide clear, understandable information to you. Read below for answers to basic questions regarding your pension benefits. If you have additional questions, please call us, and ask for a Benefits Counselor. Our Benefits Counselors are trained to answer all your pension questions. Call 214.638.3863 or 1.800.638.3861. Call your Department resources for information other than pension benefits.

Questions are divided into the following: All Members, Active-Duty Members, and Pensioner Members.

All Members

Q: When are Benefits Counselors available?
A: Pension System Benefits Counselors are available from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Call 214.638.3863 or 1.800.638.3861.

Q: How do I find the Pension System office?
A: View our location maps and photos, or call our receptionist for detailed instructions at 214.638.3863 or 1.800.638.3861.

Q: Do I need an appointment to see a Benefits Counselor?
A: Call ahead to ensure that a Benefits Counselor will be available at 214.638.3863. You can just drop by, but you may have to wait for a Benefits Counselor to become available.

Q: Do I need to bring my spouse to meet with the Benefits Counselor?
A: You are welcome to bring your Spouse. We find that many who are contemplating DROP or retirement want to bring their Spouses.

Q: Other than myself and Spouse, what do I need to bring to the retirement counseling session?
A: If you are in DROP (Deferred Retirement Option Plan), bring a voided check and plan to spend approximately 30 minutes of your time. If you are not in DROP, you must bring a voided check, birth certificates, marriage licenses, and Social Security numbers.

Q: What if I have other issues, such as divorce, handicapped children, remarriage, disability, or others?
A: Our Benefits Counselors are trained to discuss the above issues and others with you.

Q: My street address has changed. Can I give you the new street number over the telephone?
A: For security reasons, any changes must be made in writing to protect the Member or survivor.

Q: I am looking for a retired Member. Can you give me his address and phone number?
A: For security reasons, we do not give out Member’s addresses or phone numbers.

Q: The Social Security Administration says they need a statement from you concerning eligibility. Do you provide that service?

A: Yes. We have a standard form letter that states your first eligible date to retire, when you actually retired, years of pension service, your monthly benefit, and a statement that this benefit is for life.

Q: Will my survivor be entitled to any benefit if something happened to me?
A: A member must be married to his Spouse from the date he or she leaves active service until the date of his or her death for the survivor to be entitled to benefits. If you married after you retired, then your Spouse is not eligible for benefits, unless you purchased them.

Q: How can I take money out of my DROP (Deferred Retirement Option Plan) account?
A: Usually, you must leave Active Service before any money can be taken from your DROP account. After a Member leaves Active Service, the selected distribution option is influenced by current IRS distribution rules. This is especially important for members who leave Active Service before the calendar year in which they attain age 55.

In general, Active Members cannot take withdrawals from their DROP accounts, except as part of a divorce proceeding. However, an active DROP participant may transfer part or all of his DROP account to his City of Dallas 401(k) account. Once the funds have been transferred, the funds cannot come back to the Member's DROP account. A transfer is allowed once each 12 months. Funds transfers are made the first of the month based on end-of-the-month values. Generally, the funds are out of the market a couple of days. Contact a Benefits Counselor at 214.638.3863 if you want to pursue this option.

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Active-Duty Members

Q: Do I need to attend a PREP meeting (Pre-Retirement Education Program) before I leave the Department?
A: Yes, we suggest that you and your Spouse attend at least one the year you are planning to leave Active Service. We urge you to attend earlier to understand your retirement benefits and begin planning for your retirement.

Q: I am planning to leave Active Service in six months. How long does it take to set up retirement payments, and what do I need to do?
A: You need to plan 45–60 days in advance to set up your retirement payments. You need a your birth certificate, your Spouse’s birth certificate, your marriage license, birth certificates for Children under the age of 19, Social Security numbers of Children and Spouse, and a voided check for direct deposit. You must inform the Pension System office if you have a handicapped Child. If you submit all information by the 15th of a month, your information will go to the Board of Directors the following month. After Board approval, you will receive a payment at the END of that month. Pension checks are the last working day of each month. The Pension System office pays at the end of the month for that month.

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Pensioner Members

Q: Can I use direct deposit for my retirement check?
A: Yes, we encourage you to do this. To initiate direct deposit, mail a voided check with an instruction letter to the Pension System office. Click here to link to the Direct Deposit FAQ, which has instructions and a Direct Deposit Authorization form.

Q: How do I start direct deposit?
A: Send a voided check to the Pension Office with a signed authorization letter via U.S. Mail. Click here to link to the Direct Deposit FAQ, which has instructions and a Direct Deposit Authorization form.

Q: How do I change the bank that my direct deposit goes to?
A: Send a voided check to the Pension Office with a signed authorization letter via U.S. Mail. Click here to link to the Direct Deposit FAQ, which has instructions and a Direct Deposit Authorization form.

Q: What can I do with my DROP (Deferred Retirement Option Plan) account?
A: You have a number of choices, certainly more if you leave active service after age 50. Depending on how you count, there are about 10 choices. Call a Benefits Counselor at the Pension System office for information.

Q: I need to change my income tax withholding. Can you send me a form?
A: Yes, we can send a form, but the form is also provided on this Website in the forms section. However, if you are in a hurry, you can write to the Pension Office and request a change of withholding. View IRS Form W4-P withholding information.

Q: I need a copy of my 1099R from a previous year. Can you mail one to me?
A: Yes. We need your name, Social Security number, and mailing address when you call the Pension System office.
You may print one off by signing in to Web Member Services. Sign up here.

Q: What deductions can the Pension System office take from my benefit payments?
A: You can authorize the Pension System to make deductions for taxes. Complete the IRS Form W4-P, and mail it to the Pension System office. The Pension System will make deductions for health insurance only as directed by the City. For health insurance questions, contact the Benefit Service Center, 1.855.656.9114. The Pension System cannot help with 401/457, sick leave, or vacation pay issues.

Q: I went to the doctor to get a prescription filled and he denied my coverage. What do I do?
A: Contact the City of Dallas Benefit Service Center at 1.855.656.9114.

Q: What happens if I marry after I retire from the City? What do I need to do?
A: Protect your financial future when you marry after you leave active service by notifying the Pension System office within 12 months of your marriage and purchasing a SWAR (Spouse Wed After Retirement) Option. If you do not purchase the SWAR option, your new spouse will not be eligible for pension benefits.

Q: I am currently married and retired. If I divorce and remarry, will my benefits stop?
A: No. You receive this benefit for life. However, the amount of your benefit may be reduced. In the event that you remarry, your new spouse will not be eligible to receive any of your benefits at your death, unless you purchase them through the SWAR (spouse wed after retirement) Option.

Q: I am the surviving Spouse of a retired Police Officer or Firefighter. If I remarry, will my benefits stop?
A: No. You receive this benefit for life. However, your new Spouse will not be eligible to receive any of your benefits at your death.

Q: If my Child is receiving a survivor benefit, what happens when he or she reaches age 19?
A: When a Child turns age 19 or marries, his or her monthly benefit stops. If you have more than one Child, the money is shared equally with the remaining Child(ren) under age 19.

Q: What happens when a member or survivor dies? What needs to happen?
A: Contact the Pension System office as soon as possible at 214.638.3863 or 1.800.638.3861, and ask for a Benefits Counselor. We will provide you with all the necessary forms and information.

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