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Dallas First Responders: In Their Own Words

The Dallas Police and Fire Pension System consists of active duty and retired first responders, as well as survivors of those who have fallen. Each member answered the call to protect and serve the city and its citizens.

These are the voices of the Dallas Police and Fire Pension System. Please share their stories with your friends.

The call to serve is very personal. Some Dallas first responders talk about why they serve and their concerns about their jobs and financial future.

Sacrifices are a part of the job. Dallas first responders talk about the ones they’ve made financially and their willingness to give more to find a long-term solution.

Recruitment & Retention
Unfulfilled promises have changed DROP from a recruiting and retention carrot into a wedge driving first responders away from Dallas. Hear what Dallas first responders think about its impact to the community.

A Support 180
In the weeks following the tragic officer shootings on July 7, 2016, the Dallas community offered strong support for its first responders. But the tone from City Hall changed quickly. Dallas first responders contrast the support they received from Dallas citizens compared to the city’s administration.

Words and actions by Dallas elected officials in late 2016 helped create a $500 million run on the Dallas Police & Fire Pension System. Dallas first responders discuss the consequences of the city’s “leadership” approach on the pension fund.


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