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The Board of Trustees ("Board") of the Dallas Police and Fire Pension System ("System") is responsible for the administration of the plans established pursuant to Article 6243a-1 of the Revised Civil Statutes of Texas ("Article 6243a-1"), as well as the "Supplemental Pension Plan" established by the City of Dallas by Ordinance (collectively, the "Plans"). The principle responsibilities of the Board, as fiduciaries of the Plans, are as follows:

1. Invest the assets of the Plans in accordance with their terms, the Texas Government Code, and to the extent applicable, the Texas Trust Code;
2. Authorize the award and disbursement of benefits under the terms of the Plans;
3. Hear claims for benefits relating to the Plans;
4. Litigate claims relating to the Plans;
5. Oversee the communication of benefits to members and beneficiaries of the Plans;
6. Preserve the financial integrity of the Plans by way of audits, actuarial reports, and other evaluations as the Board may deem appropriate;
7. Provide for the safekeeping of the assets of the Plans;
8. Obtain the assistance of professional consultants and experts to the extent the Board deems appropriate;
9. Authorize the disbursement of assets of the Plans for the payment of administrative and professional costs and expenses; and
10. Ensure that the Plans are in compliance with applicable state and federal laws.

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