Our Core Values Guide Every Investment Decision

When the Board of Trustees makes investment decisions, there are three important aspects to the process:

1. Our fiduciary responsibility to our Police, Firefighters and their families
2. Use of our carefully vetted and trusted advisors
3. Our core values are always our compass, they guide every decision we make.

Our Core Values include: Fiduciary Accountability, Agility, Patience, Respect, Innovation, Discipline, and Integrity.

Fiduciary Accountability

The DPFP believes and utilizes three pillars of accountability to protect the assets of police officers, firefighters and their families: Transparency, Governance, and Sound fiduciary practices.


Agility is an essential attribute that allows us to take the dizziness out of managing assets in the uncertain and volatile marketplace. We achieve that ability to move quickly but steadily because we are nimble, alert and prepared to capitalize on opportunities that reveal themselves.


We live under the same sky, but we don’t have the same horizon as many other investment organizations. We believe that successful fiduciary stewardship focuses on the far horizon, not the nearest one.


We practice and live respect by not forgetting for one minute that our reason for being is to protect and serve those who protect and serve our community, every police and firefighter in Dallas. and the retirees, widows, widowers and children. We also practice extreme respect for the process that has paved the way to our sound investment methodology.


We redefine innovation by connecting ideas that others do not see and then bravely, boldly but most importantly, prudently, take the road less traveled.


We are thorough in our preparation and resolute in applying our values to our decision making process. Our values are the criteria by which we make every decision. They guide our judgment, our choices and our evaluation of the risks and benefits of each investment decision.


The DPFP lives fiduciary integrity by refusing to engage in behavior that evades responsibility. Integrity means completeness in application of our value system, our principles and our commitment to truthfulness and transparency.


A Strategy of Success

Our investment strategy has proven successful. Our ten-year annualized return of 8.5% (as of September 30, 2012) places the System in the top 16% of public pension funds ranked by NEPC. We are also ranked #1 among public plans in Texas over 20 years by TEXPERS based on our investment returns.

Over the past 30 years, the Pension System has grown from $136 million to approximately $3.7 billion in managed assets. We are recognized as one of the most innovative and successful pension funds in the U.S. That is possible because we have put in place a sound, fiduciary decision process that guides every investment.


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