Defined benefit (DB) pension plans are highly valued by the retired Americans like you who count on these benefits for a secure source of income in retirement. But the benefits provided by pension plans have an impact that reaches well beyond the retirees who receive pension checks. NRIS logo

A new national economic impact study conducted by the National Institute on Retirement Security finds that DB pension benefits have a significant economic impact, to the tune of 6.5 million American jobs and $1 trillion in economic output. The analysis finds that the benefits provided by state and local government pension plans have a sizable impact that ripples through every state and industry across the nation.

This kind of information helps the public understand why defined benefit plans like ours are important to preserve for the country as well as the participants they serve. See the links below for the full report and an analysis on the economic impact of Texas public plans on the Texas economy and share this information with your friends and neighbors.


Full Report
State of Texas Report
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