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  • See the 2016 Schedule of Classes Below!
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We offer the following classes:

1. PREP (The next class is scheduled for August 17. See complete schedule below.)

Attending PREP gives you tools for retirement planning and points to sources for more in-depth financial and legal analysis of your personal finances. Our lineup of informative topics includes Pension System benefits, City of Dallas 401(k) and 457 plans, wills and estates, Social Security benefits, survivor benefits, health insurance, and retirement investing.

2. Financial Planning (See schedule below.)

In addition to PREP, the Pension System offers a class in Financial Planning. The Financial Planning seminar differs from PREP in that it delves deeper into financial planning issues and presents the information in more detail.

For Police officers, both PREP and Financial Planning training are eligible for TCOLE* credit

*TCOLE (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement), formerly TCLEOSE (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education)

You will learn how to calculate your net worth, review your income sources, and set new financial goals. You also will learn about various investment instruments, such as bonds, stocks, and mutual funds. You will learn how to read and interpret stock market information and other information to help you meet your investment goals. For post-retirement, you will learn about Medicare, Social Security benefits, long-term care, survivor benefits, and estate planning. Finally, you will be briefed on health insurance and life insurance issues.

3. Prepare for Tomorrow Today (See schedule below.)

This is an educational opportunity for Members in the early stages of their career.

With our PREP class geared toward those who plan to retire within the next five years, we wanted to offer a class for those who recognize the importance of earlier planning for retirement. This class is specifically targeted to those Members in the early stages of their career, primarily in their twenties and thirties.

Topics covered include credit and credit scores, use of checking and saving accounts, and insurance, including life, home and auto policies.

This class is also eligible for TCOLE credit for Police officers.

4. Special Needs Seminar (schedule to be announced)

The Pension Plan contains provisions that address issues related to children with special needs. If you are the parent of a mentally and/or physically handicapped child, you may benefit from attending a Special Needs Seminar.

Topics to be covered include Special Needs Trusts, Pension System Benefits, Guardianship, Social Security Benefits, City of Dallas Health insurance, and available resources.

5. Retiree Benefits and Estate Planning Class (The next class is scheduled for Sept. 9, 2016. See schedule below.)

This class is for Pensioners, and discusses your Retiree Benefits, Health Insurance, and Estate Planning.

Training classes have been scheduled for 2016 as follows:

• March 17, 2016 (completed)
• August 17, 2016
• November 3, 2016

Financial Planning
• April 21, 2016 (completed)

Prepare for Tomorrow Today
• May 25, 2016 (completed)
• August 4, 2016 (completed)

Disability Retirement
• July 15, 2016

Retiree Benefits and Estate Planning
• April 8, 2016
• June 17, 2016 (completed)
• September 9, 2016
• October 7, 2016

For more information, contact the Pension System at 214.638.3863, 1.800.638.3861, or info@dpfp.org. If you are a Police Officer and would like to register, click here.


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