Name: Blaine Dickens        Position: Non-member Trustee 1

I am the founder of HBD1 Consulting LLC and HBD1 Capital. I am a Veteran, former Dallas Police Officer, and Presidential Management Fellow with U.S. Treasury Department. It would be an honor to serve as a Dallas Police and Fire Pension System Trustee.

My federal assignments were with the IRS, BEP and the IRS Office of Treasury Procurement. I was responsible for all international economic crimes contracts for money laundering and anti-terrorism financing investigations.

I have a B.S in Legal Studies, Master’s in Public Administration, Graduate Certificates from Villanova University, Georgetown University and certifications from the Federal Acquisition Institute.


Name: Gilbert Andrew Garcia, CFA        Position: Non-member Trustee 2

I would be honored to serve the Dallas Police and Fire Pension System.  I am a Texan, graduated from Yale and spent five years on Wall Street before returning in 1990.  I am the Managing Partner of Garcia Hamilton & Associates, a $10 billion bond firm in Houston.  Having served on the Houston Municipal Pension Board, Chairman of Houston Metro, and Sanchez Energy, I believe my experiences make me qualified to fulfill my fiduciary duty.  I am married with four kids and have coached youth sports over 35 seasons.  Thank you for your consideration.


Name: Tina Hernandez Patterson        Position: Non-member Trustee 3

I am a Cornell graduate and majored in Government and Economics. For over 20 years I have invested in stocks, bonds, commodities, and real-estate via hedge-funds and private-equity vehicles. Currently, I am the Chief Investment Officer and Co-founder of a fund that provides growth capital to companies in Africa. My extensive financial experience honed my skills as an effective negotiator, an essential qualification for this role. Most importantly, my husband, Dallas Firefighter Jeff Patterson, was catastrophically burned working a housefire. You selflessly rallied around my family in our time of need. Let me pay it forward and fight for you.