Kenneth S. Haben    

My current employer is the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority(FINRA) as a Public Arbitrator.  My financial background is very diverse and extensive.  I am past vice chair of the pension board and past chair of the 457 board and vice chair of the 401k board.  I've been involved with the Deferred Comp boards for over 10 years.  I also worked in the Financial Investigations Unit for 11 years.  My goals are to get the funding level up to a level for COLA. NO real estate investments where we are the landlords and limited private equity.

Stephen C. Paz

Experience, Connections, Temperament, Creativity, and Grit are qualities we need in a trustee. A trustee to ‘Keep the Promise’ the city made to police officers and firefighters of a superior retirement. A trustee that relates to all sides, but loyal to one. My experience makes me that candidate: Marine MP; Honolulu PD; Dallas PD money laundering detective, Management Research sergeant; UTA BA Sociology; University of Dallas MBA; Careington vice president of real estate; founder of North Texas Urban Services, a CRE firm specializing in economic development; and service on multiple boards. Let me work with you to ‘Fix Our Fund’.

Joe Schutz    

Elected in 2013, I immediately addressed underperforming investments and inadequate policies. Leading the Governance Committee, I championed eleven policy changes that increased transparency and accountability, kept officers informed by conducting 500+ pension presentations, and completed the SMU Financial Planning Certificate Program in 2014.
Initially ridiculed for tackling unpopular issues, I transformed some of my harshest critics by responding to their concerns by making accurate and verifiable data available to all members.      
With nine new outside trustees and one retired firefighter, I am the only candidate who is an active member with proven experience and the determination to not give up.

Scott Walton     

The long term sustainability of the pension is important to all of us. There are difficult decisions that lay ahead and must be handled in a manner to ensure our pension stays secure. I want to work diligently to make sure the pension is there for those who have retired, for those still earning credit and for those officers we hire in the future. Thank you for this opportunity.

Thomas White    

Trust. Honesty. Openness. Over the last few years the board has lost these characteristics. We have come to the moment of truth: survivability of the pension fund. Causes of this inflection point are many, however, we must cast our vision to the future. I will promote changes so these three characteristics return to the board and promote changes in the investment strategy toward less risk and more growth. I will work hard to maintain current and future member benefits. I have the financial education, training, experience, and served on the board. I understand the pension and all its functions.